Sisters of the Sea

A Sims 4 Amazon Challenge

The Amazon Challenge was created by Isaria (modthesims) and updated for The Sims 4 by lovejess2. Basically, you start with a beautiful young woman and build your tribe over time. The following rules apply (I may tweak some or add to these over time):

  • Like the Amazons, the tribe is run by women only. Men are kept as slaves and must have their own quarters away from the females. The only reason men may mix with females is through breeding, following which they must be sacrificed. Only 2 slaves can be kept at one time.
  • A new tribe member may be created through CAS every two weeks, or if you choose you may invite townies in whenever.
  • Males born to the tribe must be raised by the slaves until they are of young adult age, after that they must leave the tribe or, if they are wanted for breeding they must be sacrificed after.
  • If a woman of the tribe gets engaged or married to a man, she must be punished (death). She may, however, have relationships with other women of the tribe. The only women that may not enter into a relationship are the Creator, Heiress and Priestess.
  • An Heiress may overthrow the Creator if she has the support of the rest of the tribe. In this case, she will fight the Creator. If she wins, the Creator must be executed. If she loses, she must be banished from the tribe.

Below are the Tribe Rankings that I will be using:

The Creator (White)
She is the first of the amazons and the highest ranking amazon. She is in charge of the whole tribe and is the most respected.
Traits: Genius, Athletic
Skills: Logic, Fitness, Charisma

The Heiress (White and Blue)
She is the next in line to the throne and this rank is only given to the descendants of the creator.
Skills: Logic, Fitness

Warrior (Red)
She is the strong and fierce amazon in charge of protecting The Creator and tribe. She will be in charge of conducting punishments and executions and is just below the heiress in the hierarchy. She must train in fitness and will not be able to have children but can take partners. She is fierce and is allowed to sentence amazons and slaves to death or punishment (unless they are a priestess, shaman or a heiress then they are judged by the creator).
Traits: Active, Ambitious
Skills: Fitness

The Gatherer (Green)
She is in charge of collecting food and gardening. She has to spend her days collecting and gardening.
Skills: Gardening, Fishing

Scholars (Brown)
Their job is to seek knowledge with reading and painting. They may also collect valuables. She has to write books and/or create paintings of past creators.
Skills: Painting, Writing

Providers (Pink)
They cook and tend to the children and babies.
Skills: Cooking, Baking, Parenting

Elders (Grey)
They are the aged amazons and the ones you go to for wisdom. They will be given a well respected funeral.

Sons of the tribe (Black)
Will be raised by slaves until the age of YA, there after they can be banished or used once for breeding, before being killed.

Slaves (Black
A maximum of two can be in the tribe at the same time. These need to have a small place to live, since they shouldn’t mix with the females too much. They take care of things like cleaning, repairing and such. If a slave interacts with a female without permission, he will be punished. If they try to escape, they’re to be punished.

Shaman (Purple)
The shaman is the amazon that connects with the spirits and sees the life giving nature of this world. She will be the one to seek for ailments and advice from the spirits. She will need the herbalism skill which is gained through gardening. She will also have to prepare herbal remedies. She must also once in her life journey to the hermits house to gain knowledge.
Traits: Loner, Loves Outdoors
Note: Elders are allowed to be shaman’s

Explorer (Yellow)
She must go on quests for the creator and travel to far worlds to seek new objects, sacred relics & creatures. She will either go alone or she can take the shaman and the scholar if she chooses.
Traits: Loves Outdoors, Outgoing

Priestess (Blue)
The Priestess connects with the Goddess on a whole other level. She is wise and connects to the nature around her. She must master the wellness skill as taking on a seclusive life connecting with everything around her. Priestesses are not allowed to be in any romantic relationships with other amazons or procreate with slaves so only amazons that have never slept with anyone else are allowed to take this role. The Priestess must be chosen as soon as they are a child. Slaves are allowed NO interaction with the Priestess with the consequence of death. They will need to take on a life of meditation and yoga and will perform ceremonies for the Goddess (these ceremonies are entirely up to you).
Note: I have chosen Amphitrite, Goddess of the Sea as the one my tribe worships.
Skill: Wellness

Entertainer (Orange)
This amazon is out to entertain the tribe gaining new skills set out to impress the rest of the amazons with her dancing. She must master the dance skill and under a full moon the Amazons will gather together to witness her beauty and elegance. She will use the bonfire to her full advantage and learn to dance with the fire. She also has to master all the instruments available to your amazons.
Traits: Creative, Music Lover, Dance Machine
Skills: Dancing, Singing, Violin, Guitar, Piano

Beast Tamer (Red and Black)
She is one with nature and works with all animals. Her role is to train and care for pets and to give them away to select amazons. If an Amazon requests an animal it’s the tamers role to either find a stray or raise a puppy from CAS to be the amazons companion. The Beast Tamer must train the animal to obey all the commands. In her spare time she is to make sure all animals have food and are clean. If she has a child she can train her to become a beast tamer by giving her a pet and teaching her how to care for the animal. Any male pet must either leave the tribe or given to the slaves (only one male pet allowed at a time).
Aspiration: Animal
Skills: Pet Training

There are three types of pets..

The companion is only permitted to be kept by the creator or the heiress and is there to simply be around and keep the amazon company. Before the beast tamer can hand the pet over she must train the animal to obey every command.
Breeds: The animal can be big or small, cat or dog it’s really up to the amazon.
Traits: If going through CAS you can choose any except territorial (cats) or aggressive (dogs)

These pets are permitted to be kept by the warrior, shaman, explorer and gatherers. These animals are there to hunt for there masters and need to be trained to hunt and obey every command by the beast tamer.
Breeds: The shaman and gatherers are allowed a cat or large dog preferably a breed that are known to be good hunters. The warrior or explorer are only allowed a large dog, again preferably a breed that is known for hunting.
Traits: Hunter and adventurous is a must but you can pick a third (as long as it doesn’t conflict). The Warriors are different as their pet has to have hunter and aggressive and you may choose the third.

These pets are to be cared for and looked after by the priestesses. The pet must in some way connect with the goddess and unlike the other animals is not trained or cared for by the beast tamer.
Breed: Any, as long as it aligns with the goddess (i.e. Nature Goddess represented by the fox)
Traits: Any, this animal is the physical embodiment of the goddess so they are already perfect.